Old Man Begs For Cash

Hey guys, my birthday is next week.  If you've ever wanted to do something nice for old Internet Dad, please think about a donation in DFO's name to Planned Parenthood or the ACLU or any of the awesome organizations working to help people right now.  Or send scotch.

A Primer For Newly-Orphaned Chargers Fans


The San Diego Chargers have returned home, to their original home of Los Angeles.  (Is that how I do it, LA Rams fans?)  Regardless of whether you’re a fan of the Chargers or a normal person, this news can’t be surprising.  San Diego smartly refused to hand Dean Spanos hundreds

Jeff Fisher Did His Job

The Rams have fired Jeff Fisher, per Chris Mortensen.  Since Mort is generally solid, I'm going with it.  After my theory on Jeff Fisher started to trend, a year later, (thanks PFTCommenter!), it really started to seem true after the Rams handed him a contract extension. Welp, those days are over. 

God Dammit, America

You really did it.  You elected. Donald.  Fucking. J. Fucking. Trump. As president of the United States of America. I mean, I just typed that.  President Donald J Trump.  Listen up, you stupid, mouth-breathing, closeted or out of the closet racists and cowards.  You have been hoodwinked by a master scam

The Itchy Brain

The Itchy Brain

The NFL player awoke Monday morning with his normal headache, along with the typical aches and pains of a Monday after a tough game.  They’d lost, and played badly, and he was in a rotten mood. His headache was usually relieved by some toradol or some oxy, and smoking some weed

The Buttons…They Do Nothing

The New York Times today ripped the band-aid off a long held secret.  The buttons that you push every day to help speed you along are nothing more than placebos, left in place to keep you docile while you wait for assorted boring parts of your day to go by.