Balls of Steel’s AFL Beat – Offseason Report #3

  Last week, we caught up on where the AFL stands after the long North American winter / Australian summer.  I'm happy to announce that we've picked up some new AFL team supporters!  The updated list: Team - Commentist Carlton Blues - King Hippo Collingwood Magpies - Moose Geelong Cats - Balls of Steel, theeWeeBabySeamus North Melbourne Kangaroos

The San Diego Bye Week Report: A Fantastic Journey (To Last Place/Angeles)

[Deep within a hospital, a patient lies prone, still, and hooked up to many medical devices and machines that whirr, beep, and occasionally print out some esoteric bit of information to be collated later. There are no flowers, no evidence of visitors. A doctor stumbles into the room.] Dr. David Chao:

The Masque Of The Yellow Lightning Bolt

I’m not sure why I went back. I can’t even remember the time between when I left and when I returned. I remember the end of the game—well, okay, more like the end of the 3rd quarter—being taunted by Raiders fans as I trudged out, cursing the powder blue #17